Kingston Danceforce Studios provides a happy, safe and healthy environment for children and adults of all ages.


Danceforce Studios

Here, students explore their love of dance while honing their skills and gaining self-confidence, participating in recreational, exam or dance-based fitness classes...


Meet The Directors 

Meet the directors that started it all...


Our Teachers

Meet all of the amazing teachers at Danceforce! The Danceforce team brings over 50 years of dancing experience to the studio. Whether it's ballet, jazz, acro or anything else - one of the Danceforce teachers will be able to teach it at a high level. 



Check out the latest photos from our classes, competitions, and events. If you'd like to see your photos listed in our Gallery please CONTACT US and we'll be sure to update the gallery! 


Piqué Dance Shop

Piqué Dance Shop carries all the shoes, tights, and leotards you need for class AND MORE!