Kingston Danceforce Studios offers programs all year round

At Danceforce, we cater to students of varying levels of experience and skill, providing comprehensive instruction in a diverse range of styles. We invite you to share our studio and make it your own, learning, growing, and most importantly, dancing with us. We will see you all soon.

Why should you or your child dance!

Self-Confidence and Self-Empowerment





Passion and Fun

Kingston Danceforce Studios Program Prices

Kingston Danceforce's prices for dance classes are based on the length of class (or classes) per student and the length of the term. Special programs such as our Summer Camps, short-term adult classes and Tumble Monkeys have special prices.

Dance Camps

Summer Dance Camp Price: $261.06+HST/Week

PA Day Dance Camps price: $61.06+HST/ Day

March Break Dance Camp Price: $261.06+HST/Week

Field Trips 

Please Contact for pricing.

Tumble Monkeys 

Prices for Winter/Spring 2023 Semester

Please find the prices for the 14-week Fall Semester 2023, 19-week Winter/Spring 2024, and 33-week 2023-2024 semester prices below. Prices do NOT include HST.

Dance Class Prices 2023/2024

Planning to dance all year? Take advantage of our discounted prices if you register for both the Fall 2023 Semester and the Winter/Spring 2024 Semester at the same time. 

Please find the prices for all 33 weeks (both the  Fall 2023 and winter/spring 2024 semesters combined)  below. If you register for both semesters together, you will receive the discounted price above. Our Fall Semester begins Monday, September 11, 2023, and ends Sunday, December 17, 2023. (14 weeks of class) + Winter/Spring Semester begins Monday, January 8, 2024, and ends Sunday, June 1, 2024. (19 weeks of class), together that is 33 weeks of amazing weeks of dance!

Interested in a class but not quite ready to commit? Ask us about how to get your free trial by sending us a message on Facebook or by email at